Message from President

A legacy of 39 years and counting!

It has been 39 years, 39 long years of determined work by us at the Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL), towards being useful for the Overseas Recruiting Community at large. It all began in 1979 and since then, a lot has been transformed and changed in the Recruitment trade worldwide. A lot has been effectively changed by the Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL).

We are here to facilitate overseas recruitment!

The IPEPCIL website has been created and managed to aid those who seek any information and news on issues related to overseas recruitment. It will prove to be a good source of information for Foreign Clients, Embassies, Immigration Offices abroad and other interested individuals who need any updates on any changes in policies or regulations by the Government or even for job opportunities.

Companies overseas needed personnel, we had them!

With the boom in infrastructure development in the Gulf in 1974, the recruitment trade came into the fore. The overflowing oil revenues guaranteed a boost in a number of businesses including construction, maintenance, hotel, catering, medical care, teaching, etc. All these businesses were in need for staffing and recruitment. India being the biggest source for human resources, there was a huge demand for skilled manpower for overseas trade.

Why we Indians work better than the rest!

In my years of experience, I’ve realized that the main reason for the Indian personnel being perceived as valuable resource is their capability to learn and adapt in any situation and their temperament and commitment to their work.

We have all the news so that you don’t miss out!

The IPEPCIL Website is the right place to stay abreast of all the news and happenings in the Overseas Recruitment scenario worldwide and particularly for newer emerging job markets like Eastern Europe, Canada, Australia.

Here’s hoping that everyone gets the needed information about Overseas Recruitment through this portal and excel and grow in their careers. We are here to make sure you don’t miss out on any critical information pertaining to your trade.


President IPEPCIL

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