We are helping India grow, with every recruitment abroad!

India is growing at a phenomenal rate, be it trade, FDIs or even our leaps in the scientific research front. When a country has set a certain pace of progress, any deterrents that slow it down should be nullified. One such deterrent is the decline in job creation. Over a million aspirants enter the Indian job market every month. But the rate of job creation remains the same, or worse, degrades. Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy estimates that 1.5 million jobs were lost during January-April, 2017, the first quarter after the demonetization exercise. This needs to be taken into account when monitoring the recruitment scenario. Also, according to recruitment firm Team Lease Services, India is set to see a further 30-40% reduction of jobs in manufacturing compared with last year.

India tops the list of nations sending maximum remittances home!

These grave numbers make us want to look to greener pastures for employment of Indian personnel. Overseas recruitment contributes substantially to our foreign exchange remittance to India. A survey says that Indians in the UAE headed the top league of nationalities in the Gulf by sending a whopping $12.638 billion in remittances to their home country last year. These numbers speak big when it comes to remittance measurement. Thus it becomes important that sufficient attention is given to overseas recruitment and its smooth functioning be guaranteed through the relentless work by IPEPCIL. The biggest threat to the industry is the malpractices carried out by spurious, so called recruitment agents. Due to this, the credibility of the entire industry is adversely affected. This is where we come in to ensure that the recruitment trade functions without any glitches.